Whitefoot and SAL

Partners in Art and Life
Caleb Witvoet + Sophia Lengle


Caleb, born March 18, Calgary, AB

Sophia, born Oct 4, Edmonton, AB

Born in rival cities


Sophia wins scholarship in student art  competition to attend AUArts and moves to Calgary

Caleb decides to apply to art school on a whim and makes his portfolio in 10 days

Caleb and Sophia meet in Art History Visual Arts 110: Survey I (Liberal Studies) and are smitten immediately

They begin drawing, painting and designing together


They build the Citrus Couch

Caleb declares jewellery major

Sophia declares fibre major


ZOOMER art show


They go on exchange together to the Maine College of Art


They both graduate with honours from AUArts and move to Edmonton where they renovate a house together


Sophia travels to Iceland for a textile residency


Caleb has his first solo exhibition, in Ottawa at the L.A. Pai Gallery

Caleb is accepted into the Masters of Artistic Research program at KABK in Den Haag

Sophia is accepted into the Master of Fine Arts program at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam

Caleb proposes to Sophia on a rooftop terrace in Rome and she says yes

Sophia and Caleb wed among friends and  family in the Edmonton River Valley August 11


BIJNA art show

Sophia and Caleb continue to work and live together in Den Haag

2022 seed jewellery for the snag and birds

2023 BIJNA

2022 Loom Makeshift

2020-2021 House Renovation and Garden Life


2017 Building the Citrus Couch 

animation desk


Esther M. Wafula

Esther M. Wafula is a Kenyan poet whose scholarly interests include exploring the power of writing, particularly poetry writing, for personal transformation. Her autoethnographic chapter “Turning Water into Wine: An Innovative Way of Overcoming Stress Through Poetry” was published by Springer in 2019.

Esther also enjoys writing poems in response to photographs, a topic she presented on at the Creative Bridges Conference convened by Lapidus International in 2021. Some of her photopoems have recently been published in the article Deep Calls to Deep: Photopoetry as a Process of Call and Response in the LIRIC Journal Volume 2 Issue 2:  https://lapidus.org.uk/liric-journal-new-issue
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