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Sophia Lengle b. 1997 is a Canadian visual artist
she is currently pursuing her MFA at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam.

Lengle’s practice is culminating around ideas of makeshift (i.e. fixing things creatively with limited resources), labour as occupying space/belonging, and personal sanctuary. I’ve been reevaluating why I weave. For me, weaving is a process that allows vast mental space for dreaming while grounding me in my body. It is also self-imposed labour that grants me a sense of belonging to my family of builders, artists, labourers, writers and that one stenographer too.

I am developing a weaving and writing practice that is reflective and generative, not weaving to make cloth, but weaving together to make sense of. Composing thread by thread a porous composite that exists as process, tool and record. 


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